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Home Repair and Maintenance Services

RC Roofing of Denver is the only place you need to call when it comes to the exterior of your home. From gutters to siding and more, our highly skilled experts have seen it all. We can fix anything relating to roofing and building exteriors and will address your needs with professionalism and speed. Among the services we offer include:

    • Gutters: Is your home prepared for the next big rain storm? Old or broken gutters can actually cause rainwater to damage your home. Don’t be caught unprepared the next time those dark clouds roll in. We can repair broken gutters or replace them with an entirely new system custom tailored to your home.
    • Shingle Repair: A few broken or loose shingles may not sound like a big deal but these can quickly lead to leaks and water damage to your home. Avoid the need for an entire roof replacement and call us to repair broken shingles; you’ll be saving yourself money and time in the long run and giving yourself the peace of mind you deserve.
    • Insulation Repairs / Replacement: Old insulation is not doing anything to for you or your home. If you’ve got outdated or damaged insulation in your walls, your energy bill could be suffering. Let us replace it with more modern, efficient insulation and see the positive difference it can make for your comfort and your wallet.
    • Flashing Repairs: We have experience repairing all types of roof flashing. The window, edge, sill, valley, and chimney are all areas of a roof where water can drip in and cause mold or damage. We can fix malfunctioning flashings to keep your roof more watertight and durable in a storm.
    • Window Replacement: Do you find you’re turning the heater up constantly to stay warm in the winter? Your windows may be the source of your troubles; Outdated and inefficient windows can increase your heating bills. Don’t be left out in the cold! We can replace old windows to improve the efficiency of your home, as well as the value and curb appeal.
    • Solar Tubes: Solar tubes are a more affordable alternative to a skylight with a less invasive installation process. Do you have a dark laundry room or hallway that could benefit from natural sunlight? We can install a sun tunnel in your home that will funnel natural sunlight into your rooms and brighten your living space.
    • Skylight Maintenance: A leaky skylight can be more serious than it looks, and can damage the inside of your home. We can repair leaking skylights or install new ones. Skylights can be a beautiful upgrade to your home or business, and a perfect way to let in more sunlight.
    • Chimney Caps: The chimney cap is an important element in your chimney; it works as a spark arrestor and keeps rain out of the inside of your chimney, which can mix with soot and cause corrosion. We can repair or install a new chimney cap to keep your chimney safe and dry.
    • Decking: A deck adds value and beauty to a home and provides an outdoor space for entertaining and spending time with family and friends. Let us build you the custom deck of your dreams so you can start enjoying your yard to its fullest today.
    • Siding: High winds can damage or even strip the siding right off the exterior of your home entirely. If you need siding replaced or repaired, trust us to restore your home to it’s former state and keep it looking polished and maintained.
    • Masonry: We can repair all types of brick structures, including chimneys, retaining walls and even old brick homes in need of maintenance. We can replace missing mortar in between bricks and even restore and color match old bricks to make them look just like new.

A lot can happen to the exterior of your home. Harsh weather elements like snow, hail and high winds, and normal wear and tear from age can cause the need for repairs. At RC Roofing, we can handle it all. We guarantee all our work and offer a full warranty on materials and labor. Please call for details —(720) 505-0191.

We also offer roof inspection and can work directly with your insurance company after you experience roof damage to ensure the process goes smoothly from start to finish. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority, so if you are in need of any exterior repairs or additions to your home in the Denver area, call us today for a free consultation. We are here to serve you!